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Share your feedback with us

Children's Hearings Scotland values your feedback. Please tell us about your experience at a children's hearing, or about anything related to us.

One of our key values is to be open. That means that we listen and learn; we are accountable and honest. Your feedback helps to support Panel Members. We take your feedback seriously and we try to make changes if we can. If we cannot make changes, we will tell you why.

By sharing your experiences and ideas with us, we can learn and improve what we do. Please choose the button below that describes you and your need.

Making a complaint on behalf of a child

We understand that sometimes a child or young person may not want to make a complaint direct to us and they may ask someone else to make the complaint on their behalf.

In these circumstances the nature of the complaint being made on behalf of the child should be fully explained to them. If the child is over 16 we will ask for their consent before proceeding. If the child is under 16 we will need the consent of an adult who has a legal right to act on behalf of the child.

If you are making a complaint on behalf of a child, please contact for a consent form.