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Welcome to the Promise Programme activity update for July 2022. 

Hearing Redesign

The CHS Hearing Redesign project's services design work continues through stakeholder sessions and sharing the As Is Map to gain additional perspectives. Co-design project teams are set to meet initially in the coming weeks and the final scope will be agreed by the Hearings System Working Group (HSWG) in August.

Participation, Engagement and Consultation Project

The Hearing Redesign Survey for the CHS panel community closed on 29th July, and we send sincere thanks to all those who contributed. This month we are really pleased to extend an invitation for all members of the panel community to attend in person and virtual consultations being facilitated by The Lens.

On 29th August we will be offering sessions in Dundee

On 31st August we will be offering sessions in Glasgow

We also have virtual sessions for those unable to join us in person being delivered in the first two weeks of September. More information about these events will be posted on 18th August. 

All of these events are open to the whole panel community, including all AST roles and Clerks who support our work locally. The invitations are the next stage in the consultation process, and offer the opportunity to come together face to face to discuss the redesign survey results, and to share ideas on how the Children’s Hearing System could be redesigned.

The focus of the discussions will be on the feedback from the recent panel survey, and offer those who were unable to complete the survey a further opportunity to contribute.

Headline feedback from the survey (more detail will be shared at the events being organised) about the areas the community would like to influence is as follows;

  • Referral Decision Making
  • Establishing Effective Grounds
  • Upholding children’s rights and ensuring their voice is heard
  • Current system and structure of delivering a hearing: what should the structure of the tribunal be?
  • How do we make the hearing more child and family friendly?

If you are a member of the CHS community, please head on over to the News and Updates channel on the CHS Community teams channel for booking options.

If you would like any further information please email

Trauma-Informed Practice

Two main working groups, the baseline measures team and touchpoint pathway, have been regularly meeting to provide the groundwork to facilitate upcoming key milestones. The initial goal to have all CHS members undergo trauma-informed training may be shifted - further information on this will come next month.

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) project is continuing well and a six week work plan has been created for the new Robertson Trust intern, Chisomo Makiyi. The UNCRC team continues to consider short and long term proposals to support staff and the community with legislative changes as they come.

A draft tool has been created to clarify and consolidate impact assessments. Time will be taken to test this model and results will come in the following months. Finally, a meeting has been set up with the Scottish Government which has requested participation in a targeted consultation.

Siblings Rights Project
A new Project Manager has been put forward and has met with the individual project team members to understand the key themes and issues. Four focus groups have been run and work to deliver multi-agency workshops continues.