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How we support volunteers


The National Convener provides practice advice and procedural guidance to Panel Members to support them to make high-quality decisions for the infants, children and young people who attend children’s hearings. The main source of this advice is our Practice and Procedure Manual which empowers Panel Members to navigate the legal complexities of their role.

Before a hearing, advice can be sought on procedure by contacting the Children's Hearings Scotland Practice Team on

Wellbeing and health

We take our responsibility for volunteer wellbeing seriously, and our community have access to a comprehensive wellbeing package to support their emotional and physical health.

The service provider, Health Assured, manage a package of free support including a 24 hour advice line, counselling sessions, and an online health portal where volunteers can find several tools designed to improve physical and emotional wellbeing.

More information on the services available can be found here

Locally, our Panel Representatives (PRs), or Lead Panel Representatives (LPRs), are the main point of contact for Panel Member support. Panel Members can share their issues with a fellow volunteer who will be able to direct them towards the best line of support for their concerns. PRs and LPRs also support those who are going on, or are on, a leave of absence, by keeping them up to date and helping to identify any refresher training if it is needed.