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Meet the team

Our National Team is led by Elliot Jackson, National Convener of the Children’s Panel and Chief Executive of Children’s Hearings Scotland. Our role is to recruit, train and support our incredible volunteer community and ensure the best possible outcomes for the infants, children, young people and families who attend children’s hearings nationally.

National Convener and Chief Executive Officer

Elliot Jackson

National Convener and Chief Executive Officer

Senior Leadership Team

Carol Wassell

Director of Positive Outcomes

Jessica MacDonald

Director of Business and Finance

Joanne O'Leary

Director of People and Culture


Lynne Harrison

Director of Tribunal Delivery

Tribunal Delivery

Bethany Cunningham

Tribunal Delivery Manager - Tayside and Fife

Hazel Oliver

Tribunal Delivery Manager - Central

Iain MacDonald

Tribunal Delivery Manager - Lanarkshire and Dumfries and Galloway

Jeanne Martin

Tribunal Delivery Manager - Glasgow

Laura Conachan

Tribunal Delivery Manager - South East

Laura Mearns

Tribunal Delivery Manager - Grampian and Northern Isles

Maureen Quinn

Tribunal Delivery Manager - North Strathclyde

Michael Stewart

Tribunal Delivery Manager - Ayrshire

Tracey Sharp

Tribunal Delivery Manager

Vicky Strange

Tribunal Delivery Manager - Highland, Moray and Eilean Siar

Brian Gallagher

Partnership Coordinator - North Strathclyde

Cheryl Nevill

Resource Allocation Administrator

Chloe Turner

Partnership Coordinator - Glasgow

Crystal Roebuck

Partnership Coordinator - South East

Frank McGhee

Partnership Coordinator - Central

Frank Ross

Wellbeing Coordinator - Grampian and the Northern Isles

Judy Wilson

Resource Allocation Manager

Jennifer Sherlock

Partnership Coordinator - Lanarkshire and Dumfries and Galloway

Kayleigh Stockley

Wellbeing Coordinator - North Strathclyde

Laura McDonald

Partnership Coordinator - Ayrshire

Lindsay Carruthers

Wellbeing Coordinator - South East

Lisa MacDonald

Partnership Coordinator - Highland, Moray and Eilean Siar

Louise Robertson

Partnership Coordinator - Grampian and Northern Isles

Marion Robinson

Resource Allocation Administrator

Melanie McLean

Wellbeing Coordinator - Ayrshire

Michelle Wood

Wellbeing Coordinator - Central

Rachel Linn

Business Support Assistant

Sharon Angell

Wellbeing Coordinator - South Lanarkshire

Sharon Balmforth

Resource Allocation Administrator

Simon Jeffrey

Partnership Coordinator - Tayside and Fife

Susan Lyons

Wellbeing Coordinator - Highland, Moray and Eilean Siar

Victoria Burns

Wellbeing Coordinator - Glasgow

Wendy MacDonald

Wellbeing Coordinator - Tayside and Fife

Wilma Corbett

Resource Allocation Administrator

Business and Finance

James Allan

Programme Management Office Manager

Klaus Berchtenbreiter

Finance Manager

Martin O'Brien

Digital Strategy and Delivery Manager


Rachel Kavish Wheatley

Business Operations and Governance Manager

Aaron Short

Digital Support Analyst

Danielle Metcalfe

Information Governance Records Officer

Douglas MacDonald

Digital Operations Officer

Douglas Milne

Digital Support Lead

Elaine Gray

Data and Performance Analyst

John Myles

Digital Support Assistant

Laure Hann

Office and Administration Coordinator

Leigh Dishington

Finance Officer

Ross MacKenzie

Accountant (SCRA shared services role)

Mario Royeca

Project Coordinator

Sophie McKenzie

Finance Officer

Toyin Ware

Digital Planning and Engagement Analyst

Positive Outcomes

Abbie Montgomery-Fox

Practice and Policy Team Manager

Stephen Bermingham

Practice and Standards Manager

Angela Phillips

Participation Coordinator

Edward McKim

Practice and Policy Advisor

Emma O'Hare

Business Support Assistant


Fiona Geddes

National Learning Manager

Janis Campbell

Feedback and Complaints Officer

Jen Downie

Feedback and Complaints Officer

Kirsty Nelson

Practice and Policy Advisor

Meggan Jameson

Learning Programme Manager

Mel McDonald

Complaints Management Officer

Change and Innovation

Claire Gibson

Senior Change Delivery Manager

Fiona Perrie

Change Delivery Manager

Lucy Madigan

Change Delivery Manager

People and Culture

Brittany Williamson

National Wellbeing Manager

Catherine Goodfellow

Recruitment and Retention Manager

Chloe Renwick

People and Culture Assistant

Elina Takala

People and Culture Partner

Maeve Coney

Recruitment and Retention Coordinator

Tina Lawson

People and Culture Coordinator

Umar Malik

People and Culture Partner

Communications and Engagement

Gemma Conley-Smith

Communications and Engagement Lead

Will Searle

Digital Communications Project Manager

Anwen Dobson

Senior Communications and Engagement Officer

Gareth Overton

Senior Communications and Engagement Officer

Paul Laing

Communications and Engagement Assistant

Sarah Mair

Graphic and Multimedia Designer