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We have committed to Keep the Promise and core to keeping that promise will be the lead we take in transforming the hearing system based on the lived experiences of thousands of children and families. In February 2020, the Independent Care Review published its recommendations making clear that by 2024, there needed to be a collaborative redesign of the Children’s Hearing System.

The Promise Plan 21-24 sets out five priority areas of change and actions. The timescale for completion is 2024, this being the first of three change programmes, completed in full by 2030. Work to redesign the Hearing System will be overseen by the Hearings System Working Group, consisting of Children’s Hearings Scotland, the Promise Scotland, Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration (SCRA) and the Scottish Government, working collaboratively to achieve this redesign.

Between January and March, representatives from CHS, SCRA and the Office of the Chief Designer came together to collectively map the “as-is” process experienced by children, families and relevant people, panel members and reporters currently. This supports the next phase of stakeholder participation, engagement and consultation.

The redesign process will be underpinned by giving effect to the Promise, ensuring compliance with UNCRC, upholding the original intension of the Kilbrandon Review and creating a system that can deliver child friendly justice system upholding rights and ensuring effective participation.

Moving forward, a collaborative service design approach will be used to prepare redesign proposals that keep the promise made.