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Our Vision

In 2020, Scotland made a Promise to Scotland’s infants, children and young people. The promise was that each and every one of them, no matter where they lived or what their circumstances were, would have the chance to grow up safe, loved and respected, and able to fulfil their full potential.

To ensure that this happens for every child, CHS will have a significant role to play.  We have a Vision for the future where all Children’s Hearings will provide, uphold and promote children’s rights.  Where they will provide a child and family friendly care and justice space, with children’s participation at its heart.  The system will deliver the best for every child.

When we look at making this happen, our Vision encompasses working out what ‘the best’ looks like, and what we at CHS will do, now and going forward, to make sure this happens.

You can find out more about the CHS Vision by reading the report online. For a print copy of the Vision Booklet please email