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Latest Activity

Welcome to the Promise Programme activity update for June 2022 – the first in our ongoing series of news round-ups on this page of the CHS website. CHS’s work to #KeepThePromise began more than 18 months ago, and we’re delighted to now have a dedicated space to share this progress, activity and ideas.

Across the Promise Programme project teams, we have brief updates for this month below:

Hearing Redesign
The CHS Hearing Redesign project team has continued with weekly project meetings. The CHS Hearing Redesign project team is led by our key partner, the Hearing System Working Group.

Recently, the Co-Design Project Teams were selected as part of the Hearing System Working Group redesign process. The three co-design project teams are organised around Avoiding the Need for Compulsory Measures, Children and their Hearings and Meeting Children's Needs after the Hearing and will be further established in the coming weeks

Participation, Engagement and Consultation Project

The most recent step in the Participation Engagement and Consultation Project is the recent appointment of an external consultancy partner, the Lens, who will be working with our volunteer community to ensure they are involved and represented in the CHS Promise Programme work that affects volunteers. The Lens attended the latest project progress meeting. We will be meeting later this month to plan & finalise our first round of engagement activities. We anticipate a range of opportunities for volunteers to become involved.

A short survey and some consultation events around the Hearing System Working Group issues list will launch over the next few weeks, where we will be asking for your support and input. Hearing from our community about what we can do to ''Keep the Promise'' is essential. The views and opinions of all our volunteers, whatever your role in CHS, is key to the redesign process. In addition, Project members (two CHS volunteers and two young recruiters) were involved in selecting the CHS Volunteer representatives for Hearing Redesign Co-Design Teams. Full details of those joining the group were posted to the news and update channel on 9th June – details here.

We will also be seeking the community's views on the structure of CHS moving forward, including the role of volunteers within CHS in the coming years. Look out for more information about this in the coming weeks.

Children (Scotland) Act 2020 
This month, a toolkit for delivering multi-agency workshops has been developed and provided to ASIPs, and a summary of the Siblings Rights survey responses has been provided to the community.

Trauma-Informed Practice
Working to deliver a trauma-informed Hearings system, the project kick-off meeting was conducted on 16th May. Working groups have been established to achieve vital upcoming milestones.

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) project is continuing well, and the team's first progress meeting occurred in mid-May. Initial work on a Rights Map has begun, and a proposal for a new impact assessment tool has been developed.

Recently, further information surrounding the Incorporation Bill has come to light, and the UNCRC team is developing a consultation response for the Scottish Government's targeted consultation on proposed amendments to the Bill.

More details relating to the milestones and goals for the first phase of this project are due to be displayed on the CHS website as part of the updates this coming June.