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The Promise

The Independent Care Review was set up by Scotland’s First Minister who announced, in 2016, that “an independent, root and branch review of the care system” was needed.

The Care Review heard from more than 5,500 people. Those people were children, adults, and families who have personal experience of care, as well as the unpaid and paid workforce.

On 5 February 2020, the Care Review published The Promise (and 6 other reports), which was a direct response to those voices, telling Scotland of changes needed to make sure all children grow up feeling safe, loved, and heard.

At Children’s Hearings Scotland we are absolutely committed to keeping the promise to the Care Review, by working with partners to make the changes they have suggested.

The recommendations regarding the hearings system include:

  • Actively listening to children must be at the heart of the system.
  • The system must protect and uphold children’s rights, decriminalise children and destigmatise care.
  • The care system must protect relationships important to children.
  • Every participant in the children’s hearing system must be trauma informed and aware.
  • Help must be delivered much earlier and the hearing system must plan to shrink and specialise.


A few words from the National Convener

“The Independent Care Review has been the most incredible journey. A genuine root and branch review with the voice of care experienced children and young people at its heart.

"I’m so grateful to everyone who has shared their experiences and helped to shape these recommendations.

"Panel Members are committed to improving outcome every day for infants, children, young people and their families. They are always listening, always learning and dedicated to improving their practice.

"I welcome the commitment to retain the Kilbrandon principles. We will now look in depth at each of the areas highlighted by The Promise which relate to the children’s hearing system. We recognise the opportunity for change and will work with our volunteers, children and young people to build solutions and deliver The Plan.

"We’re committed to delivering The Promise.”

- Elliot Jackson, National Convener and CEO

A conversation with Beth-Anne Logan

We spoke to Beth-Anne Logan, CHS Board member & co-chair of the Best Place in the World subcommittee from the Independent Care Review. We spoke about The Promise and what it means for Scotland, CHS, and most importantly our young people.