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Revised version of the Practice and Procedure Manual

We are delighted to be able to share our updated Panel Member Practice and Procedure Manual 2020 (PPM).

The first digital PPM was launched in September last year. This revised edition has new sections on:

  • Children’s advocacy services – arrangements for providing independent advocacy alongside information and practice guidance on the chairing Panel Members duty to inform children and young people about the availability of advocacy to support them in hearings.
  • Non-disclosure - this draws together all our guidance on withholding information from people otherwise entitled to receive it in hearings including non-disclosure of the address of prospective carers when a change of placement is proposed.
  • Requesting additional reports – expands earlier content to cover new arrangements for commissioning and instructing independent reports which is a function taken on by Children's Hearings Scotland from CELCIS earlier this year.
  • Decisions to defer hearings to another date - covers decisions to defer hearings and gives a steer to Panel Members to explore the reasons for absence of persons with a right to attend and consider whether the hearing can proceed in circumstances where in the past hearings may have been quicker to defer.
  • Grounds for referral – information about the role of the Reporter is expanded to set out how the statement of grounds is developed and the different standards of proof.
  • GIRFEC and child protection – general information about the responsibilities of local authorities for assessment and protection of children out with the hearing room.

You can find the updated Practice and Procedure Manual by clicking here