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CHS National Convener appoints South East Scotland Area Convener

The National Convener is delighted to announce the appointment of Carol Chalmers as the new Area Convener to the South East Scotland Area Convener role.

Aileen Hemming, who led the South East Scotland Area Support Team for almost four years, stepped down in the autumn to return to employment. Carol has held the interim Area Convener role during this time and stepped forward to take on the role permanently.

Carol comes to Children’s Hearings Scotland with a background in social work with a focus on families in Edinburgh and was previously involved with the early years centre in East Lothian.  She is committed to ensuring the voice and inclusion of young people are at the heart of all that South East Scotland’s Panel Community do. 

Elliot Jackson, National Convener said: “We are delighted to appoint Carol to this leadership role in South East Scotland. Carol has already shown exceptional leadership in delivering national reforms locally which will help us to keep The Promise and continue to place children at the heart of everything we do.”

Bev McKeown, an interviewer with lived experience who was also on the panel, said: “Carol’s response to how to deliver The Promise filled me up with nothing but joy. I feel that Carol is the best person for this role as her passion and enthusiasm was felt throughout the interview process.”