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We are committed to #KeepThePromise

Today, The Promise launched its Plan 21-24. The Plan outlines a series of outcomes which aim to ensure that Scotland’s children grow up loved, safe and respected so they can realise their full potential.
Children’s Hearings Scotland has been working with The Promise team and stakeholders to enable our organisation to plan for the delivery of The Promise’s recommendations, and the asks of the Plan 21-24.
We are building a CHS Promise Programme which will support us in achieving the changes asked of us over the next three years and beyond.  It will provide us with a structure through which we can drive change, and help us to understand and evidence the impact we are having on outcomes for children and young people in their hearings.
Children’s Hearings Scotland National Convener and CEO, Elliot Jackson, said, “We welcome publication of the Plan 21-24 and we are committed to keeping The Promise to Scotland’s infants, children, young people and their families.
“We will reflect on the Plan and will work with Area Conveners, Area Support Teams, Panel Members, the National Team, and the care experienced community to understand how best to move our programme forward."