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CHS welcomes the Hearings System Working Group report

Children’s Hearings Scotland welcomes the publication of the Hearings System Working Group Report and the work of its independent chair, Sheriff David Mackie. The publication marks a big day for everyone who has helped to make this report a reality and, most importantly, a big day for the infants, children and young people who are the focus of the report.

'Real people and real lives'

The report has been a collaborative effort with a wide range of stakeholders sharing the guiding aim to make Scotland the best place to grow up – it must be read through that lens.

To quote from the report foreword from Our Hearings, Our Voice: ‘Although this can be easily seen as just words in a report, there are real people and real lives behind these pages. To those responsible for making these changes happen, we ask that you don’t miss this opportunity to change lives.’

The Hearings System Working Group was created by The Promise Scotland and was independently chaired by Sheriff David Mackie. ‘Hearings for Children: Hearings System Working Group's Redesign Report’ is the culmination of detailed conversations with the care-experienced community, volunteer Children’s Panel Members, staff at both Children’s Hearings Scotland and the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration (SCRA), and a wide variety of stakeholders from across the sector.

Panel Member voice heard

Elliot Jackson, National Convener of CHS, said: ‘The Hearings System Working Group has given the Scottish Government a wide-ranging set of recommendations for a Children’s Hearings System that puts the rights of the child front and centre.

‘I want to note my personal thanks to the hundreds of members of the CHS Community who have contributed their ideas and efforts to the finished document. It’s clear that Sheriff Mackie has heard you, and the voice and experience of the Panel Member is evident throughout the report.

‘It is now up to the Scottish Government to consider these wide-ranging recommendations. It’s important  to note, whilst they consider the report, the CHS Panel Community will continue to deliver the vital role they do right across the country to improve the lives of children in Scotland. I can never express the depth of my gratitude to the amazing volunteers who continue to be the backbone of Children’s Hearings Scotland and give their time, so that children and young people can have a brighter future.’

Hearings for Children: Hearings System Working Group's Redesign Report

Hearings for Children: summary of recommendations