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The Children's Panel - life changing

Area Support Teams

Our Panel Members must be well supported because they are making life changing decisions for children and young people in Scotland.

What We Do Part 1

Alongside a National Team, there are 22 Area Support Teams (ASTs) across Scotland supporting Panel Members at a local level. These teams are made up of around 400 people - and they are all volunteers too!

AST members give their time without question - here's what they do!


What training do AST members receive?

A number of training courses have been developed to support AST members in their roles, incluing:

  • Recruitment and selection of Panel Members
  • Observation and feedback
  • Reappointment of Panel Members
  • Complaints handling

Join us

AST members are vital - we couldn't do what we do without them. All AST members are apointed by the National Convener. You can find a list of current AST vacancies here.