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CHS launches digital Practice and Procedure Manual 04 September 2019

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Children’s Hearings Scotland (CHS) has launched a new, digital version of its Practice and Procedure Manual (PPM). Developed in collaboration between the Practice Team at CHS and members of the CHS community, the digital PPM offers more detailed and comprehensive advice and guidance than ever before, in a fully searchable document.

The PPM is the primary source of guidance for Panel Members when preparing for, and participating, in children’s hearings. It is a downloadable resource which means that it can be used, read and searched whilst offline, meaning that you are not dependent on having a connection to the internet.

CHS Practice and Partnerships Lead, Jackie McRae said, “Since the beginning of the year, we have been working with the members of the CHS community who have helped to shape and inform the content, usability and design of this new resource. Insights from Area Conveners, Panel Representatives, Panel Members and Learning and Development Coordinators in collaboration with our Practice Team, have been invaluable.”

In updating the PPM, the Practice Team also worked with colleagues at the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration, the CHS Learning Academy, CELCIS, the Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice, and CEDAR, which has allowed us to develop advice in new areas including ‘Improving outcomes for older children’ and ‘Minimising barriers in the hearing room’.

To view our new digital PPM click here.