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Central and West Lothian Holds Volunteer Recognition Event! 13 June 2019

Picture of all attendees of Central and West Lothian volunteer recognition event
All attendees of Central and West Lothian volunteer recognition event.

On the 23rd of May, at Burgh Hall in Linlithgow, the Central and West Lothian Area SupportTeam (AST) held a recognition event for some truly awe-inspiring Panel Members.

The AST recognised the valuable contribution​ of those volunteers who had completed their Pre-Service Training, achieved their PDA, and Panel Members who have served for 10+ years.

A huge congratulations to the Panel Members who received recognition at the event:
Clackmannanshire – Lynn Raynal (10 years) and Bill Tribble (10 years)
Falkirk – Frank McGhee (10 years), Janet Robertson (10 years) and Carol Cosgrove (20 years)
Stirling – Sandy Forsyth (10 years) and Nicki Regan (10 years)
West Lothian – Arthur Robertson (15 years), Malcolm Evans (20 years) and Charlie McGinty (20 Years)

The Panel Members who were ​​unable to attend event:
Clackmannanshire – Malky Hamill (25 years)
Falkirk – Elaine Livingston (10 years)
Stirling – Paul Anderson (10 years)
West Lothian – Janice Smith (10 years) and John Ward (10 years)
Also receiving recognition was Agnes Morgan, Depute Area Convener who was recognised for 10 years’ service to the CPAC/AST and to acknowledge her stepping down from the Depute Area Convener role after nearly 5 ½ years in post. Thank you Agnes, for your years of support to the children and young people of Central and West Lothian.
Around 85 Panel and AST Members, along with Council Officials and elected members, were in attendance at the event.​