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The Children's Panel - life changing

CHS launches 2019-20 Business & Corporate Parenting Plan 02 April 2019

Our role continues to be advising and enabling our volunteer Panel Members to make the best possible decisions with and for the children and young people who attend children’s hearings.

As we move into the second year of our Corporate Plan, we continue to make good progress. Our digital programme continues to develop apace and we have launched the Children’s Hearings Scotland Learning Academy. The Learning Academy provides a range of face to face and online learning for our community of volunteers providing them with opportunities for continual learning and development. It also includes new programmes for Panel Practice Advisors on induction, training and development to improve quality assurance.

Throughout 2019/20 our organisation will be focused on refreshing our approach and training for managing hearings where every Panel Member has a contribution to make as well as progressing our drive for diversity and streamlining procedures for continuity.

Business Corporate Parenting Plan Objectives

You can read our full Business & Corporate Parenting Plan here.