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The Children's Panel - life changing

CHS is recruiting for Panel Practice Advisors 23 October 2018

Children’s Hearings Scotland is currently recruiting for Panel Practice Advisors (also known as PPAs) across Scotland.

Like Panel Members, PPAs are volunteers. They are part of a wider Area Support Team, which is made up volunteers who support Panel Members at a local level.

Our PPAs play a vital role in the Children’s Hearings System, observing Panel Member practice and providing feedback and advice to help develop knowledge and skills. They also help with the recruitment and reappointment of Panel Members.

This week we interviewed Philip Lewis who is a PPA in Tayside (covering Angus, Dundee and Perth).

Phil Lewis

Philip has been a PPA for two years and is a retired Regional Manager for the service industry. He said, “The role was a good fit with my experience and an opportunity to develop my skills and learning. It was also an ideal way to contribute to something which I believe is worthwhile and meaningful.

“It is a very exciting time to join Children’s Hearings Scotland. The role is very fulfilling, gives great satisfaction and develops your skills. As a PPA you can make a positive contribution to the Children’s Hearings System and improving outcomes for children and young people in Scotland.”

PPAs play an important role in ensuring that we are making the best possible decisions with and for children and young people going through the Children’s Hearings System.

Philip adds, “The PPA role is important. It keeps a focus on the quality of the Panel Member’s work and drives consistency across the organisation. It also allows us to show that we are duly diligent in recruitment, skills development, training and the review process of the most important people in the organisation, our Panel Members.”

Our PPAs come from a variety of different backgrounds – there’s no one type of person that makes the perfect PPA.

We asked Philip what qualities he thought made a good PPA, “The PPA has to have a high standard of written and verbal communications skill. The role requires strong observational ability and empathy in giving feedback to Panel Members. Good PC skills are essential. I think that the role is suited to applicants that have been responsible for assessing and appraising people and discussing their performance against specific organisational standards or competencies.”

You can view Philip’s full interview on YouTube just click this link.

We’re currently recruiting for volunteer PPAs across Scotland.

For more information visit the recruitment section of our website, or contact your local Area Support Team (contact details available via this link) for an informal chat.

Apply now. Be a force for good.