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Children’s Hearings Scotland response to rise in age of criminal responsibility 14 March 2018

Today, the Scottish Government has announced that the age of criminal responsibility is set to rise from eight to 12, under legislation introduced to the Scottish Parliament.

Children’s Hearings Scotland welcomed the decision. National Convener and Chief Executive, Boyd McAdam said, “Children’s Hearings Scotland welcomes this important decision which marks a change in the way we, as a nation, support the most vulnerable children in our society. It builds on a long established Scottish approach, based on the Kilbrandon Report principles, of ensuring that the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable children is the most important consideration.

“Importantly, this law acknowledges the association between a child’s circumstances and experiences, and their actions. It has the potential to improve future outcomes for the most vulnerable children in Scotland, and our unique Children’s Hearings System is ready to respond to and support this change.”

for more information visit the Scottish Government website.