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Security Classifications Policy Published 28 August 2014

The new Government Security Classifications Policy was introduced on 02 April 2014 and outlines how the Scottish and UK Government classify information assets to ensure they are appropriately protected.

It applies to all information that the government collects, stores, processes, generates or shares to deliver services and conduct business. The same system has been adopted by non-departmental public bodies, local authorities and other government stakeholders to help improve the way key partners share information. 

       This policy replaces the current CHS ISMS Guidance: Classification of Information (based on the Government Protective Marking Scheme). It describes how CHS will classify information assets to:

  • ensure they are appropriately protected
  • support children’s hearings business and the effective use of information
  • meet the requirements of relevant legislation (including the Children’s Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011, Data Protection Act 1998 and Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011) and
  • strengthen information sharing protocols with partners

This policy applies to all information that CHS collects, stores, processes, generates or shares, including information received from or exchanged with external partners.

Download the document: Colour PDF