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The Children's Panel - life changing

Core policies for the operation of the Children's Panel and Area Support Teams Published 24 June 2013

This document outlines our the core policies for operation of the Children's Panel and Area Support Teams.

Part one:

1. Background information for panel members and Area Support Team members on the Children’s Hearings System
2. National Standards for the Children’s Panel
3. Area Support Teams: Functions, Roles and Responsibilities

Part two:

1. Panel member and Area Support Team member expenses policy
2. Complaints handling procedure
3. Health and safety policy statement
4. Data protection policy
5. Equalities scheme

Part three:

1. Recruitment, selection and recommendation to the National Convener for appointment of panel members
2. Competence framework for panel members
3. Panel member training pathway
4. Monitoring of panel practi ce and panel practice observation
5. Production and management of the rota for children’s panel members to serve on children’s hearings
6. Panel membership and recommendations to the National Convener for reappointment to the Children’s Panel
7. Resignations, moving area and removal from the Children’s Panel

Download the document: Colour PDF