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Competence framework for panel members Published 06 June 2013

This document sets out the core competence framework for panel members.

Children’s hearings are legal tribunals and panel members are trained lay tribunal members. In order for panel members to be able to take up appointment they must be assessed as having satisfactorily completed comprehensive training. During this training, potential panel members must demonstrate the ability to meet a range of competencies linked to their important role as decision makers within Scotland’s unique care and justice system for children and young people.

The National Convener published the National Standards for the Children’s Panel in July 2012 and these set out the core values, principles and behaviours expected to be demonstrated by panel members in fulfi lling their duties.

The national standards also set out what panel members can expect in return in terms of support and training from the National Convener, Children’s Hearings Scotland (CHS) and training providers acting on the National Convener’s behalf.

The competencies set out in this policy are directly linked to the national standards. They also provide a framework for panel member practice and for those Area Support Team (AST) members – particularly panel practice advisors (PPAs) – who are observing panel members in practice and making recommendations to the National Convener for reappointment of panel members.

Download the document: Colour PDF