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Business and Corporate Parenting Plan 2017/18 Published 03 April 2017

Business and Corporate Parenting Plan 2017/18

CHS' Business and Corporate Parenting Plan outlines three business objectives which will be the focus of our work during 2017/18 and which link back to our Corporate Plan 2015-18, which we published in April 2015.

The three business objectives for 2017/18 are:

  • volunteer panel and Area Support Team members are recruited and appointed, in line with agreed competency frameworks, to facilitate all children’s hearings required
  • panel members are well trained to obtain the views of children, and make decisions in the bests interests of children and young people, in accordance with best practice
  • our volunteers are well supported to deliver the key contribution they make to the lives of children and young people across Scotland

Within these objectives, we have identified seven key activities which directly link to our Corporate Parenting duties. These are:

1 to continue involving care experienced young people in the design of our panel member recruitment process

2 to continue involving young people in the design and delivery of panel member pre-service training (this is the training that people get before they become panel members)

3 to make sure that panel members are well trained in how to communicate with children and young people at hearings so they can speak with them during their hearing

4 to use the ‘Better Hearings’ research to help us make decisions, decide on policy and inform our new Corporate Plan for 2018-2021

5 to establish a Young Person’s Board for the Children’s Hearings System together with SCRA and other partners

6 to improve the information available about the impact that panel member’s decisions have on wellbeing outcomes for children and young people

7 to support panel members to make the best possible decisions for children and young people and to involve children and young people in making these decisions

To make these key activities easier to identify, we have highlighted them in Orange Heart in the plan.  

Download the document: Colour PDF