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The Children's Panel - life changing

Equality Mainstreaming and Outcomes 2016-18 Published 08 December 2016

This is Children’s Hearings Scotland’s first Mainstreaming and Equalities Outcomes report that was approved by our Board on 30 November 2016. We have produced this report not only in line with our legal equality duties but also as a statement of our commitment to fully embed equality as a key component of our business and the services that we provide to children, young people and their families.

Our Equality Mainstreaming report sets out our plans to embed or ‘mainstream’ equality across CHS in order to meet both the general and specific duties  as outlined earlier.  The report sets out a summary of our workforce data and monitoring information on employment activities as well as looking at how delivery of our functions impacts on those with protected characteristics.

The Equality Outcomes report sets out the equality outcomes which we will work towards achieving. We will update on progress against these outcomes our next report in 2018.

Download the document: Colour PDF