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The Children's Panel - life changing

Views and Experiences of the Children's Hearings System Published 16 July 2014

This is a report on research carried out to establish the views and experiences of children, young people and adults of the Children's Hearings System.

This research follows a joint survey carried out with the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration in 2012/13. CHS asked those taking part in the survey if they would be willing to participate in this piece of follow up qualitative work. The aim of the research, which was carried out by ScotCen, was to capture an in depth view of the lived experiences that lay behind the survey findings.

Twenty children and young people and sixteen adults from across Scotland participated in the research. One of the main focuses was the participants’ views of panel members. This included their perceptions of the panel members they had encountered, the qualities they believe panel members should possess and how they believe their experiences of contact with panel members could be improved.

Other areas of the research looked at pre-hearing information and preparation, the children’s hearing, the decision and after the hearing, knowledge and experience of rights.

Download the document: Colour PDF