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The Children's Panel - life changing

Panel Practice Advisors - Tayside (2)

Voluntary: All reasonable travel and out-of-pocket expenses reimbursed in line with CHS’ volunteer expenses policy
Approximately 2 days per month (equivalent)

Support children and young people through supporting panel members – become a Panel Practice Advisor.

The Children's Hearings System is Scotland's unique care and justice system for children and young people in need of care, protection and support.

The system is unique because it is unsalaried, lay tribunal members – Children’s Panel members - who are the decision makers at children's hearings. This is done by considering the needs, circumstances and best interests of the children and young people before them and making decisions accordingly.

Panel Practice Advisors (PPAs) play a critical role within Area Support Teams (those responsible for the delivery and administration of the Children's Hearings System at a local level across Scotland). PPAs are responsible for selecting and recommending panel members for appointment to the National Convener. They also regularly observe panel member practice within children's hearings and contribute to practice development within their local area.

If you have good assessment, observation, interviewing and communication skills and are able to regularly give your time to the Children's Hearings System, please email a completed application form to:

Wallace Hacuma (Clerk) at WHacuma@pkc.gov.uk or if you have any questions please call Wallace on 01738 475143.





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