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The Children's Panel - life changing

Depute Area Convener - East Dunbartonshire

Voluntary - All reasonable travel and out-of-pocket expenses reimbursed in line with CHS’ volunteer expenses policy
Approximately 2-6 days per month (equivalent)

Support children and young people through supporting panel members – become a Depute Area Convener.

Our volunteer Depute Area Convener supports the Area Convener. It is a crucial role, providing leadership and direction to the volunteer Area Support Team which supports Panel Members at a local level.

Their role includes:

  • assisting the Area Convener in managing the Area Supporting Team including representing their perspectives at a national level
  • working with the Area Convener to drive change at a local level, including continually looking at opportunities to ensure the best decisions are being made with and for children and young people attending children’s hearings.
  • engaging and building relationships within the local volunteer Panel Member community
  • communicating and sharing information with our local volunteer community
  • overseeing and managing complaints at a local level
  • co-ordinating our
    volunteer Panel Member recruitment, induction, attendance at children’s hearings, training and support
  • monitoring performance and targets of the Area Support Team

Supported by Area Support Team Members and the Children’s Hearings Scotland National Team including a local Area Support and Improvement Partner.

Closing Date: 30 September 2019

CHS is striving towards equal opportunities in employment.