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The Children's Panel - life changing

Our performance

Children's Hearings Scotland (CHS) is committed to measuring and reporting on how we are doing to deliver our outcomes and objectives through our organisational performance management framework.

Our performance management framework is linked to the CHS vision, mission and values and to our corporate and business plans. 

Our corporate plan identifies the outcomes we will work to achieve over the next three years. Our business plan outlines in more detail the activities we will undertake each year.

The performance management framework will track how well CHS is doing to deliver our goals as set out in these plans and how we are performing as an organisation, through a suite of key performance indicators (KPIs).

The balanced scorecard and our KPIs

CHS uses a balanced scorecard to measure performance. The balanced scorecard is a performance dashboard, structured into four views, which provide a balanced, 360 degree overview of the work of CHS. 

The balanced scorecard contains a suite of key performance indicators. These KPIs are intended to be indicators of success and should be read together as part of a package to get an overall picture of our performance. There will often be a number of factors which impact on delivery, and the indicators must be viewed in this context.

We report on our performance on a quarterly basis and publish these reports on our website.

We constantly review the balanced scorecard to ensure that it is fit for purpose, taking into account feedback from our stakeholders.

Area Support Team Quarterly Reports 

In addition, every quarter CHS will provide the Area Convener of each Area Support Team (AST) with a report providing an overview of the work of that AST and the panel in their area.

These reports will provide high level information on a number of areas including panel members, Area Support Team members, learning and development, hearings, complaints and National Convener functions.