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Senior Management Team

Children's Hearings Scotland’s (CHS) Senior Management Team (SMT) is the executive decision-making body within CHS, with responsibility for the day-to-day management of operational functions and the staff. Membership of the SMT includes the National Convener/Chief Executive, the Depute Chief Executive and the Head of IT. A Finance Director and Head of HR are also members of the Senior Management Team as part of a shared services agreement with the Scottish Children's Reporter Administration (SCRA). 

The SMT is responsible for:

  • leading and directing the work of CHS
  • ensuring delivery of the objectives set out in the Corporate Plan
  • developing the CHS Business and Corporate Parenting Plan
  • implementing the vision, mission and values of the organisation

Members of the SMT

  • Boyd McAdam, National Convener and Chief Executive
  • Elliot Jackson, Depute Chief Executive
  • Lawrie McDonald, Head of IT
  • Ed Morrison, Finance Director (SCRA shared services role)
  • Susan Deery, Head of HR (SCRA shared services role)
  • Christine Mullen, Operations Manager
  • Lynne Harrison, Business Manager

SMT meetings

The SMT meets monthly. Key meeting points of recent SMT meetings can be viewed to the right hand side of this page.

Information about senior management salaries

As a public body, CHS is required to publish information about salaries over £58,200 (per annum) paid to senior managers, details of which are below:

Name: Boyd McAdam

Title: National Convener and Chief Executive

Salary: £65,000-£69,999