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Senior Management Team

Children's Hearings Scotland’s (CHS) Senior Management Team (SMT) is the executive decision-making body within CHS, with responsibility for the day-to-day management of operational functions and the staff. Membership of the SMT includes the National Convener/Chief Executive, the Depute Chief Executive and the Head of IT, as well as a Finance Director and HR Manager who are members of the Senior Management Team as part of a shared services agreement with the Scottish Children's Reporter Administration (SCRA). 

The SMT is responsible for:

  • leading and directing the work of CHS
  • ensuring delivery of the objectives set out in the Corporate Plan
  • developing the CHS Business Plan
  • implementing the vision, mission and values of the organisation

Members of the SMT

  • Boyd McAdam, National Convener and Chief Executive
  • Elliot Jackson, Depute Chief Executive
  • Lawrie McDonald, Head of IT
  • Ed Morrison, Finance Director (SCRA shared services role)
  • Susan Deery, Head of HR (SCRA shared services role)

SMT meetings

The SMT meets monthly.

Information about senior management salaries

As a public body, CHS is required to publish information about salaries over £58,200 (per annum) paid to senior managers, details of which are below:

Name: Boyd McAdam

Title: National Convener and Chief Executive

Salary: £65,000-£69,999