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National standards for the Children's Panel

We work to a set of National Standards which are focused on ensuring that our vision, mission and values are upheld.

Our National Standards are a set of core values, principles and expectations in relation to the behaviours and practice of everyone involved with the Children's Panel. These Standards apply to the National Convener and everyone at Children's Hearings Scotland, Panel Members and Area Support Teams.

Garry Coutts Quote From Corporate Plan 2018 2021

They aim to ensure:

  • Consistency of practice across the country around recruitment, training and support for Panel Members
  • Defined, measurable expectations of practice
  • Clarity about the functions, roles and responsibilities of everyone involved with the Children’s Panel to ensure we support each other and, importantly, the children and young people attending children's hearings.

There are eight Standards:

STANDARD 1 Children and young people are at the centre of everything we do.

STANDARD 2 Panel Members are well equipped and supported to undertake their role.

STANDARD 3 Panel Member practice is consistent across Scotland.

STANDARD 4 Every children’s hearing is managed fairly and effectively.

STANDARD 5 Every children’s hearing makes decisions based on sound reasons in the  best interests of the child or young person.

STANDARD 6 Area Support Team members are well equipped and supported to undertake their role.

STANDARD 7 Communication and information sharing across the Children’s Panel, Area Support Teams and Children's Hearings Scotland is clear, appropriate and purposeful.

STANDARD 8 Functions, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and understood within the system.

These Standards structured to put children and young people at the very heart of everything we do and to ensure that they are supported by Panel Members, who in turn are supported by Area Support Team members and the Children's Hearings Scotland team.

Panel and Area Support Team members also receive training and support on policy and practice procedures to ensure effective implementation of the Standards.